The Villas Las Olas is conveniently located between Fort Lauderdale Beach and downtown Fort lauderdale.

Five Beautiful Sunrises in Fort Lauderdale

April 12, 2017

Waking up early in Fort Lauderdale is a huge must in order to catch the breathtaking sunrises that greet the beautiful city every morning. Become an early riser for at least one morning of your time in Fort Lauderdale to enjoy the picturesque view of these sunrises. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture a radiant everlasting memory. Below are five beautiful sunrises captured in our marvelous city of Fort Lauderdale.


This first sunrise was taken by Instagram user @klaude_g on an early summer morning in Fort Lauderdale. The picture shows the peaceful beauty of the ocean as the sun rises over it.

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Instagram user @brandography captured the sun rising through clouds for a heavenly photograph. The sunrise highlights the beautiful early morning on a Fort Lauderdale beach, which is minutes away from The Villas Las Olas Hotel’Apart.


In this sunrise picture taken by Instagram user @kathgwalsh a man paddleboards in the ocean. This is a great activity for guests at The Villas Las Olas Hotel’Apart to do during their stay in Fort Lauderdale.

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Catching the sunrise in Fort Lauderdale is a great experience to share with a group of friends or family. Instagram user @igpostaholic captured a group of people taking in a radiant sunrise together on Fort Lauderdale Beach.

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There are quite a few beautiful piers near The Villas Las Olas Hotel’Apart, where guests can walk and enjoy beautiful views of the ocean. In this picture Instagram user @marc817 shows a beautiful sunrise over the Anglin’s Fishing Pier.

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